If you think you have a leak below the slab, go through and make sure nothing is dripping from any fixture. Once you confirm there are no leaks, go out and check your meter. If the meter arrow is spinning, then you have a leak somewhere on a main line.

If you have a leak at a toilet or sink, you can place a bucket under it and call me to come fix it. You can also turn off the water to that fixture at the shut off valve.

If you have a water coming from a faucet, shower, or tub handle, the cartridge or washers inside may need to be replaced. A bad cartridge or washers can also cause the faucet, shower, or tub to not shut off completely.

An unlicensed plumber may not know what the issue really is, may use sub par parts to save them money, may talk you into work you don’t really need to have done. And if, and they usually do sooner than later, you now have less money to have it done right. You get stuck between a rock and a hard place. And in today’s economy, no one wants to, and very few people can afford to do a project twice.

It could be one of 2 issues. The flange could be sitting too low or you need a thicker seal.

If your water pressure is over 90 psi, you would want to have installed a pressure reducing valve. Once that is done, you will need to have the toilet insides replaced/repaired.

If it doesn’t stay hot as long, go out and check it for signs around the seems around the exterior tank that look like rust. Check around the base of the water heater or take off the cover plate and if you see signs of water, then the interior tank may be leaking. I am partial to AOSmith water heaters myself. Most water heaters have a 6 year warranty. According to AOSmith corporate they would say they expect 10 years. Most of your other brands would expect 8-10 years. You can check the date on the water heater sticker.

One of 3 issues.
1. Either the pump is slowly going out, depends on age of dishwasher.
2. Might be a slight blockage in the hose to the drain or down inside the dishwasher itself.
3. Check the drain hose from the dishwasher. Does it run low and then up into the garbage disposal or high and drop into the disposal?

We recommend pex piping for water lines.

Depends on how many fixtures, how many square feet in the house (how many lines and distance run to different fixtures in the house.)

If a crawl space house, close and cover the vents to the crawl space, leave cabinet doors in bathroom and kitchen open below faucet and run the water on the hot side. It should be a very slow run/drizzle.

If a slab house, turn the heat up just a little bit and leave cabinet doors in bathroom and kitchen open below faucet and run the water on the hot side. It should be a very slow run/drizzle.


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